Medical Value


Good Time to Retire

By 2007, it seemed like a good time to retire. The path he’d taken by that time was one that many professional football players go through—meds are part of the program as much as good equipment and a great sense of the game.

The turning point came for him halfway through his first season when one of the athletic trainers suggested something completely out of the ordinary to treat the discomfort for his injuries—medical marijuana.

He recently told it was suggested for discomfort, post pain as well as dehydration and lack of appetite.

Medical Value

“ I didn’t know that it might have medical value,” he told the publication, “but it actually worked.”

From that moment on, he’s been an advocate for medical marijuana and strongly stands behind its use. For Mihelic, the advantage of using this natural product has been in his ability to stop using more traditional pharmaceuticals.

Cannascribe Medical Marijuana Prescription Services was the natural evolution from his experiences. He also stands behind the natural properties of CBD as a good anti-inflammatory and the way he’s been able to bring clarity back to his life.

He’s brought his experiences to his new company and dedicated himself to helping others get the access they need to medical marijuana. With his playing days over, Mihelic has also dedicated his time to other businesses around the cannabis industry. Because it helped him to change his life and bring a balance back to his daily routines, Mike Mihelic has turned over a new leaf as an entrepreneur and patient advocate.