Mike Mihelic is a former professional football player

Right from the beginning, he was driven to reach new heights in his chosen sport.  That meant he had a large and comprehensive training schedule that included both on the field and off the field sessions.

He wanted to play professional football well before he attended college. Mike often likes to reminisce about the demands that are placed on a student who wants to become a pro. Because he worked tirelessly to achieve his goals, the first step was a five-year athletic scholarship when he left high school to Indiana State University.

Mike reminisces about those days saying that everything was about football on a daily basis. He’s also careful to point out that the regime that was set out by the school took up every moment—there was no spare time. He spent the next five years on an athletic scholarship as a member of the famous Hoosiers.

Thoughtful and Intelligent

He is a thoughtful and intelligent man who remains aware of all the different possibilities for pain management. He has a keen compassionate eye for helping his fellow humans. Recently, he talked about how CBD’s were added to his regime for pain management. They add a balance to his life he says. He has had a career marked by several concussions. For him, the CBD’s are the perfect anti-inflammatory that added clarity to his days.

Mike made it to the heights of professional football. He played in the Canadian football league for a decade for notable teams like the Hamilton Tiger Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He still points to the year he was traded to the Toronto Argonauts when they won the Grey Cup Championship as one of the most memorable high points in his football career.

Retired from Football

Around 2007, Mike decided that it was time to leave that part of his life behind and he retired from football. Since then, he’s become interested in all the different uses for medical marijuana. Mike has researched how this substance can help certain kinds of people with a variety of different ailments ranging from arthritis to certain kinds of epilepsy.

One of the other missions he has through his company Cannascribe is educating various groups about this alternative to traditional prescribed medicines. His words have reached people in the general public, the health sector as well as governments and lawmakers.

He’s gone on record saying how exciting it is to be part of developing this product which can help people.